Modular. Classics
The series is designed for those who prefer to have a classic accommodation with all the attributes: a strong foundation on screw piles, attic floor. Single-storey houses are characterized with Classical planning that is not an obstacle for a modern design. In the house of this series, you will feel comfortable and cozy as in the paternal home.

Modular House 177

Two-storey house with attic, prefabricated, energy-saving house

  • Size: 177,29 m2
  • Dimensions: 10,12 x 9,52 x 6 m
  • Delivery: 50 days
  • Erection: 80 days

Turnkey Price: £ 175600

Installation Included

Turnkey Specification

  • Home building kit (core and shell): external walls, internal partition walls, floor slabs, roof slab, etc
  • Wood decking: pine with fire retardants and fireproof protection
  • Roof & roofing, fascias, soffits, guttering and downpipes, waterproof fiberglass roof
  • Standard exterior finishing: waterproofing, plaster / render
  • Aluminium double-glazing windows, external doors
  • Standard interior elements and fit-out:
    • internal laminate flooring
    • ceilings with plasterboard and paint
    • walls with plasterboard and paint
    • internal doors
  • Bathroom finishes and standard sanitary fixture: toilets, sinks, shower. Also 1no heated towel rack/radiator, 2no simple towel racks, 1no vanity unit below the sink, 1no vanity above the sink)
  • Electricity, plumbing and mechanical ventilation: MEP / building services, including switches, sockets, standard ceiling downlights (spotlights), electric radiators, also TV and internet cabling, two smoke detectors
  • Kitchen units, standard sanitary fixture, wardrobes not included (but can be quoted if you wish)

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